About Marc Extraterrestrials The Mission Marc's UFO Photography The Intergalactic Mission is a benevolent, spiritual, universal, multi-dimensional space command (similar to a Peace Corp), dedicated to helping spiritually raise the awareness of souls throughout the multi-universe.

They help in council meetings in deep space where different Galactic Alliances may meet with other Space Confederations.  They teach Love for all life forms and being One with our Infinite Creator as our connection to each other. They see all souls as their brothers and sisters in the One Infinite Light of Creator.  They also help Galactic souls (people who feel they are not from Earth or physical terrestrial planets, but see space as their home), in their progression to gain wisdom and understanding through eternity.  They observe, teach and help souls with intergalactic matters, where planets or star systems progress to higher frequencies.

The Intergalactic Mission was originally created by Sananda (Yeshua/Jesus), and members of the ‘Christ Group’ many millions of Earth years ago.

The Intergalactic Mission has members from all areas of the many dimensional realities and galaxies throughout the universe and some beings from physical densities and planets as well, observing all evolution on planets (dimensional and physical), throughout the Universe.