'The Christ Group' was created when Divine Substance coalesced into infinite densites, dimensions and 3D matter, by Sananda (who is also known on Earth as Yahoshua/Yeshua/Jesus), when He, through our Infinite Creator (YHWH), brought forth the many galaxies and planets within the Omniverse (or multiple Universes).

'The Christ Group' is made up of Archangels, Christ Angels, Solar Angels, Galactic Angels, Angels of Hope, Love and Comfort, Protection Angels, Planetary and Nature Angels, Angels of Art, Music, Form, Design and Song, Healing Angels, etc., Ultra-Dimensional Omniversal Oversouls and their many Extraterrestrial 'Aspect' forms, Ascended Space, Galactic and Planetary Masters and teachers.  All are helping Sananda to bring Spiritual understanding to souls on the different multiple levels of reality. They work within the dense and lowest physical planes to the higher Etherian and Heavenly Realms within the Celestial and Cosmic Universal and Omniversal dimensions and frequencies of Light, Sound, Form and Substance. Also, if you were guided or led to read this website's information, then it was probably your Oversoul, or Higher-Self (who most likely are working with 'The Christ Group' or 'The Intergalactic Mission' in some way), that guided you to this site.


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