These are Omniversal Symbols given to Marc by Sananda and his ET Family to help us accelerate our transcendence to finer frequencies.  Approaching our Infinite Creator with love, praise, gratitude and humility will help enhance our prayers, meditation, healing energies, soul travel, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, visions and other spiritual gifts. 

For many years while soul traveling, I saw fascinating symbols that would appear and move on the walls of the high density (7th- 12th and beyond dimension) spaceship I visit and call home. I never paid that much attention to them thinking they were some kind of ET art. However, in August 2014 I was going through the ritual of parking my car, which always includes having to sit in it with the motor running and my seatbelt on for about an hour and a half. I always have to sit there until it is safe to leave the car without fear of getting a ticket. As usual, I was meditating and praying in silence and I started to draw symbols I remembered from my out-of-body travels to the high frequency spaceship. I was also given the exact meaning of each symbol and was instructed on how to use them. I was not trying to get these symbols and their meanings, they were simply presented to me in meditation with their meanings, so I drew them. When I showed my wife that day, she looked at them and thought they were interesting, but didn't pay them much mind. The following morning, she was intuitively motivated to pick the notebook up and review them while I was out shopping. She realized how unusual the symbols were and the fact that I actually had specific meanings written next to each one. When I returned home, she sat me down on the sofa and said, "What do the ETs say these are? What do they mean? Are we supposed to do anything with them?" Then the floodgates opened and I was given the full explanation which blew both of our minds.

According to my ET contacts and Sarriless, they can be considered as a Light Alchemy Language of Creator.  Sarriless (my Overself), said the particular shape and form of a Symbol held a matrix of energy and intention, that when used with concentration (as in focused mind thought and telepathy), they could be spiritually very powerful.  Yeshua and the ETs explained that the Creator’s loving energy is within the Symbols as they interweave within the Lipika Webs throughout the multi-universal energies of the transformational matrix frequencies within the infinite dimensions of Light, Space, Spirit, Sound and Form.  The finer frequency Lipika Webs also interpenetrates the Akashic energy fields, because they are within the minutest atomic energy frequencies of all that makes up the Omni-universe.

Sananda suggested we draw these symbols in the air or with our minds on buildings, sidewalks, people etc. as we walk. He said we would literally be transforming our reality if we did it with love.

So far I have been given over 100 of these symbols individually with their meaning. I am working on a book of them which I hope to have ready in the very near future. Until then, I am providing a few of them to practice with.

Praise Yahweh, Alleluia, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Praise Creator - This symbol could be the most powerful of all when used with love and reverence. Draw this symbol with your mind everywhere you go to transform reality. Praise, Love and gratitude of Creator are the most powerful tools you possess. CLICK HERE TO LEARN A SIMPLE WAY TO PRAISE!


Brother - This symbol should be drawn with your mind on every male you see to establish brotherhood.


Sister - This symbol should be drawn with your mind on every female you see to establish sisterhood.


Overself to Dimensional Universal Aspect-higher-self. Start drawing this symbol on paper as a doodle with the meaning in your mind and see what happens, especially in your dreams.


Spiritual Abundance. I have received 3 different symbols for Abundance so far and will reveal them all in my book on the symbols. However, we think Spiritual Abundance is a highly prized goal. Draw this symbol on paper and with your mind every time you think of it as you walk out in the world.


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