Basic Q & A

About Marc Extraterrestrials The Mission Marc's UFO Photography Q - Why are UFOs/UAPs appearing worldwide?
A - UFOs/UAPs are appearing worldwide for multiple reasons. It depends on the origin of the craft. They can be from higher dimensional spaces, like the ones I see and attract. The higher dimensional space beings are here to observe human use of nuclear and other advanced dangerous technologies, monitor pollution levels and planet stability. They are also here to help raise consciousness and to awaken sleeping souls to their true reality, but on a one to one basis, NOT in a global mass landing. A spaceship or UFO/UAP sighting can act as a trigger to propel a person to study esoteric information on ETs. There can even be an energy exchange when a seeking soul is graced with a sighting from benevolent space intelligences in morphing lightships. Some ETs are from physical planets such as ours and visit Earth out of curiosity or as a stopover for resources like water or minerals during their travels. Some spaceships come from within our Earth, a few are from the future, and some are from our own government’s covert programs. In general they are the "Signs in the Sky" written about in the ancient texts of the Bible.

Q - Where are Extraterrestrials from?
A - Extraterrestrials are from different dimensions or planes of existence, distant planets and even planets in our own solar system. Whether an ET can stay for an extended period of time on Earth depends on which vibratory plane they emanate from. Earthlings tend to be very slow in vibration, so in our current state, we can primarily only visit physical planets. For instance, we could visit the ETs that live inside Mars or the Moon, but we cannot visit the dimensional ETs that live on the 4th dimension of Venus unless we are out-of-body. Venusians can visit us by slowing their frequency down, but find it hard to keep it slow enough to stay for very long. One way for a higher frequency ET to visit Earth is to incarnate into a physical body and take a life here. However, it is difficult to get permission to incarnate onto Earth if you do not have karma to work out. Some people have had lives on other planets in the recent past, come to Earth to help and got stuck in a karmic reincarnation cycle. Those individuals are considered Galactic Souls or Starseeds who are now starting to remember they have not always lived and incarnated on Earth. Their memories are of distant galaxies, other planets and people who may not even appear human like. Some have visions and dreams of deep space, nebulae or traveling throughout the Omniverse, where their feeling for a home base is in space and maybe not even on a planet. My personal home base is on a multi-dimensional lightship larger than Jupiter with planetary ecosystems throughout. We learned eons ago that we cannot control the natural evolution and decay of 3D planets. We constructed incredible home bases with all the natural beauty of planets and none of the uncertainty. More of this will be covered in my upcoming book.
Q - Are there good and bad ETs?
A - Yes. But there are more good than bad ETs. I have never personally met an evil ET while on Earth in this life. However, just as there are many types of belief systems and personalities in people, there are ETs with different priorities. Some are scientific and curious, others are very aware, tolerant and intuitive. The majority of ETs throughout the Omniverse and on different dimensions are mostly friendly, highly intuitive, egalitarian and possess a sense of humor. Others seem to be scientific as well as caring, while some ETs can be more serious at times. An ET may become irritated or even angry if there is a reason, just as people can get upset over a situation. All the ETs I work with respect life in all forms. There are ETs from other galaxies that do not like Earth humans and would rather not work around them. These ETs feel Earth people are very primitive in desires, respect, and treatment of other forms of life and planet Earth. Conversely, there are higher etheric ETs, such as those from the Ashtar Intergalactic Command, who understand Earthlings are like children in their emotional behavior. They desire to assist us in our spiritual evolution and constantly survey Planet Earth for signs that individuals are waking up. From miles high in the sky, they identify sincere seekers by the color of our auras. Most of the auras on the planet are tainted with gray for worry, depression and disease, brown for greed, dark red for lust, and just general muddiness signifying lack of spiritual awareness and selfishness. When they see bright vibrant colors, they tune in to see what an individual is thinking and if a spontaneous sighting might be a trigger to spark curiosity of a higher order. They consider us their brothers and sisters and would love to help every person on Earth to wake up and ascend into their true place in Creation as benevolent, evolved sentient beings.
Q - Is the Earth in danger of an Alien invasion?
A - No. If ETs had tried to take over the Earth, it would have already happened thousands of years ago. ETs that are physical and from some lower etheric planes utilize the Earths minerals and water for their spaceships. The Earth has been known in many other solar systems and dimensions as a water, mineral and metal resource planet for millions of years. In the ancient past, physical or 3D ETs did visit the planet and interact with the populations giving rise to some of the pre-Christian mythological gods. Some were benevolent and others were self-serving. None of those early ETs were part of the group I work with. Let us not forget the 'Prime Directive'. It is known throughout the Omniverse that ET civilizations cannot involve themselves in the affairs of planets unless invited in unity by all the leaders of a planet. The only exception to the 'Prime Directive' is if a civilization is on a collision course to harm or destroy other planets or their own home planet. Then, corrections to prevent this can be made, because the inhabitants might harm or destroy beings on co-existing dimensions of their own planet or perhaps even throw their planet out of orbit and harm other planets in their own solar system. But there would still NOT be an alien invasion, there would just be intervention to prevent global disaster.
Q - How can I prepare myself for a friendly ET contact?
A - There are different ways. One is to love and respect all life on the planet and in the Omniverse. Other ways are to meditate daily on the Creator and Oneness with all life. Sending peaceful and loving thoughts telepathically to space and all of the Omniverse with a focus of sparkling crystal white Light that embraces all. This is a very brief overview, but with an open loving heart, a Galactic Soul might experience an out-of-body or lucid dream with a benevolent ET. This is a very complex subject not easily summarized here.
Q - Is the world going to end in my lifetime?
A - No. The world continues on, but with Earth changes occurring more often. This topic demands far more information, but fear just lowers one's frequency. Spend your time seeking truth, praying, meditating and praising Creator for the incredible opportunity to exist and experience It's Creation through lessons we set in motion before we were born. We are all Galactic Souls in training.
Q - The Vibratory Shift-What opportunity does it offer?
A - The shift speeds up the atom structures of cells in the bodies of all living creatures and dimensional beings as well. All life forms in the galaxies will also have an energetic vibratory quickening within their spiritual and physical bodies. It gives people or Souls an opportunity for positive changes in consciousness, more intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness of the total self or recognition of the Oversoul. It may help people open up more to their own higher-self if a soul seeks this opportunity.
Q - Can we raise the vibration of the Earth?
A - Actually yes we can. One way is to focus on the mental image of blazing crystal clear white sparkling Light surrounding the planet and all life forms on it. The majority of people must have the intent, will and desire for love to fill all hearts of all beings, including microbes, birds, fish, amphibians and all mammals on the planet. We must see all life as a part of the Oneness with all life in the Omniverse. People must be able to trust each other, have faith and erase fear from their hearts and understand their Oneness with all life in order for peace to come to the Earth. Eventually the whole planet will change and reflect a higher frequency in its aura. All prayers with intention work too, of course.

ANCIENT OMNIVERSAL BLESSING/LIGHT LANGUAGE - to attract 'Benevolent Ultra-dimensional Beings' from higher levels of consciousness, on and off this planet. The words must be recited with the highest intention of love, gratitude and reverence for Creator to work. This information is especially for those who consider themselves Intergalactic Souls, Walk-ins and Starseeds, etc. in 'Ascension or Transcendence training'. These ancient words are from space and I have been using them all my life.

Here are some experiences that can occur when you use these words:

TEACHING EXPERIENCES OUT-OF-BODY - You can get the attention of Benevolent Ascended ET and Earth Masters who will take you out-of-body in your dream state to finer dimensional teaching ships (not visible to 3D telescopes) and dimensional teaching temples and areas on the higher dimensional planes of Earth and our solar system. With practice, you can remember these experiences as 'lucid dreaming' (dreams that 'feel real', because they are). It will always be a loving, benevolent teaching experience.

SIGNS IN THE SKY THAT YOU ARE HEARD AND SEEN - You may even attract the attention of Benevolent Dimensional Space Brothers and Sisters who will appear for you physically in lightships in the sky and then disappear as a 'sign' that you have been heard. This can mean they are working with you out-of-body at night to teach higher esoteric information. The intention is always to help connect you to your Higher-self and/or Oversoul and remember you are 'more than you think you are'. There are NEVER any negative experiences with the Benevolent Ascended ETs. Very often these positive experiences are with your own Galactic Families who are waiting for you to return home to the higher planes, realms, frequencies or dimensions.

HEALING - One person reported a miraculous healing and vision from reciting 'Ne Selnic Mu-Shulmac Tublia Nic Toh-Nah' like a mantra or prayer over and over again. Most powerful when you think of Yahoshua/Sananda.


Adonai Vasu Barragas - Translation: Blessings always in the Light and Love of our Infinite and Radiant Creator.

Ahum Sah-bah Sinmah Nurem - Translation: Infinite and Radiant Creator, I praise and thank You that we are One in Love and Light.

Ne Selnic Mu-Shulmac Tublia Nic Toh-Nah - Translation: I Send Love, Healing and Blessings to you from the Light of Our One Infinite and Radiant Creator.

Sha-Neh-Ki  Tah-Kah  Takeh Thumie - Translation: May the Light and Love of Our Infinite and Radiant Creator Bless and Heal ALL Creation.