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This is an oil painting depicting the way I see Yahoshua/Jesus Christ during 'Soul Travel'. He appears in this form with and without a beard when He is near the Earth dimensions from the physical, the lower Astral and up through the 7th dimensional planes. On finer frequencies He usually takes His perfected form known as Sananda. He can also be seen in His perfected form in dimensions as low as the 7th Plane. Many souls do not realize He is Who He said He is in the Bible, the 2nd Divine Person of the 'Holy Trinity'. I will be explaining my understanding of His Divine sovereignty in the Omniverse He Created, in my upcoming books. You are free to accept or reject anything anyone claims regarding Him, but it is my responsibility in this life to report what I know from the highest Planes of Consciousness I am from, 'Soul Travel' to and ‘Lucidly Remote View’. The meaning of Yahoshua is 'YAHWEH Saves'. In space we know Infinite Creator as YAHWEH, which means ‘Breath of Life’.

Mystic art of non-physical beings illustrated by
© Marc Brinkerhoff.

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