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This is an illustration of 'Omniversal Mother Mary' showing her beautiful blue eyes and spacesuit as I have seen her often on the Arcvanna. Mary has visited me in her energy form at home and in churches and usually appears in a physical form almost 7 feet tall during Soul Travel and in mystical visions. She and Sananda have accomplished many missions together throughout the Omniverse. Her special position in creation places her far above all other 'created creatures', as she referes to herself. She will tell you there are only 3 Divine persons in Creation, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Mary (Miriam) wants us all to know that she will come to any soul who calls on her for help. She loves all of us more than we can fathom. Mary is as close to divine as a sentient soul can get.

Mystic art of non-physical beings illustrated by
© Marc Brinkerhoff.

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