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   SANANDA or Sa Ananda (Son of Love)

He is beyond an ET. For many very spiritual people, Sananda is an enigmatic figure. For the Universals on the 12th + dimensional space that I come from and am in contact with, He is the Alpha and the Omega.

I know Sananda and have worked with Him before I came to the 
Earth in this life.  In space on the Arcvanna (which is the starship 
I call ‘home’), I have seen Sananda at galactic meetings, friendly 
gatherings on other spaceships and on some stars throughout 
the Omniverse. These encounters occur in the High Heaven Realms
of Light.  

Sananda asked me to illustrate the way I see Him in space during 
Soul Travel from the 7th to 12th plus dimensions.

While Sananda is one of the most humble and loving beings you
will ever meet, He is also the most infinitely powerful. All 7th+ dimensional Oversouls recognize His Sovereignty whenever they encounter Him.

He moves within ALL dimensions, or planes of Light throughout the 
Omniverse as Sananda, or Sa Ananda (Son of Love).  He resides in 
the finer and higher densities away from the Earth vibratory levels, 
but is always available to people on Earth in either of His forms as 
Sananda or Yahoshua, in a more traditional looking body. 
The way He appears depends on the person's expectations.

I will go into more detailed experiences with Sananda in our 
upcoming books.

Sananda appears in the form of Yehoshua on the lower planes around the earth.

Mystic art of non-physical beings illustrated by
© Marc Brinkerhoff.

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