Frame from negative - click to view larger. The color of the negative has shifted after over 30 years.


Click picture to enlarge camera.

This image was taken at the Mahopac Middle School field in Mahopac, N.Y. on Sunday August 14, 1977.

I took this strange image under the direction of telepathic instruction by the space people. I used a MUFON photographer's 35 Millimeter Nikon camera, that he let me borrow since my two cameras (one Argus and one Super 8 movie camera), were being tested and examined. The investigator named Fred told me before he left to go home, that he would be surprised if I got anything with his camera. I think he may have thought that my cameras had some light leaks. Anyway, this image appears on frame 14A (which interesting is the same day the picture was taken...), on a whole roll of 36 frame film. This is the only picture I received. Fred was amazed.
It shows a spaceship window which is a square with slanted corners. (Or an eight sided square shaped window.) Two space beings are silhouetted against an amber/orange background. One figure on the right appears to be sitting, while the tall darker silhouetted figure on the left is standing. There is a ceiling like structure and other background images as well. However, I also noticed the white spot in the center and was told that it represents the point of manifestation onto the film with their energy.
You can see the original negative and how small the image appears near the center of the film.