Marc's UFO film and story caught the attention of a UFO investigation group comprised mostly of policemen and headed by Pete Mazzola...The SBI (Scientific Bureau of Investigation). Pete was a detective with the New York City Police Department, and as such, did not have a soft approach to vetting my story. He admitted after a year of vetting me that I never wavered in any of my details when recounting my experiences. When he originally showed up at our door, recommended by UFO Investigating pioneers, Timothy Greene Beckley and Harold Salkin, he was expecting to find one UFO negative. I had several and this blew his mind. A person was lucky to capture one UFO photo in their life back then. Then the 2 year investigation began.
Pete visited me numerous times over the course of a couple of years while he was investigating my story. We even went on a sky watch one night at Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey and Pete saw a UFO that my 'ET Friends' brought in to help him believe me. I had picked out the location with my eyes closed and a map. Details will be in my book.
In 1979 the SBI sent all my cameras and original film, both still and super 8 movie film to 3 groups active in UFO analysis at the time. NO evidence of hoaxing could be found:

1. Major Colman Von Keviczky - 50 years experience with negative analysis. 25-military, 25 at Kodak.

2. Ground Saucer Watch - directed by Mr. Bill Spaulding in California.

3. Project Visit in Texas with Prof. Nimsto and ex-NASA scientists



This expert asked a specific question composed to expose me as untruthful. "Were you taken, as a five year old, on board a physical spacecraft that was not of this Earth, into deep space for a ride, shown the Earth and planets and then brought back to the school field on Earth?" I answered, "Yes."

He thought he would trick me, bragging to the S.B.I. Investigators before hand, "This one will get him."

The P.S.E. Test expert told the S.B.I. he was stunned by the results, but he was totally positive the tests were correct. Marc was telling the truth when he said he was taken physically on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft not of this Earth.

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Tragically, Pete Mazzola died from injuries suffered in a car accident June 10, 1987. He was only 42 at the time.

I provided illustrations for some of Pete's newsletters, so Pete made me an honorary staff artist.


UFO Shooting Light Probe Scoutship and Hatchway to Mothership Super 8 Movie film - Formation UFO Scoutship with Light Tail Super 8 Movie film - UFO bent light UFO energy field UFO Cape Cod Alien at Porthole Aliens at window in spacecraft