ANCIENT OMNIVERSAL BLESSING/LIGHT LANGUAGE - to attract 'Benevolent Ultra-dimensional Beings' from higher levels of consciousness, on and off this planet. The words must be recited with the highest intention of love, gratitude and reverence for Creator to work. This information is especially for those who consider themselves Intergalactic Souls, Walk-ins and Starseeds, etc. in 'Ascension or Transcendence training'. These ancient words are from space and I have been using them all my life.

This is an audio clip I recorded explaining how to recite the words and also exactly what each sylable means.


Adonai Vasu Barragas - Translation: Blessings always in the Light and Love of our Infinite and Radiant Creator.

Ahum Sah-bah Sinmah Nurem - Translation: Infinite and Radiant Creator, I praise and thank You that we are One in Love and Light.

Ne Selnic Mu-Shulmac Tublia Nic Toh-Nah - Translation: I Send Love, Healing and Blessings to you from the Light of Our One Infinite and Radiant Creator.

Sha-Neh-Ki  Tah-Kah  Takeh Thumie - Translation: May the Light and Love of Our Infinite and Radiant Creator Bless and Heal ALL Creation.


Here are some experiences that can occur when you use these words:

TEACHING EXPERIENCES OUT-OF-BODY - You can get the attention of Benevolent Ascended ET and Earth Masters who will take you out-of-body in your dream state to finer dimensional teaching ships (not visible to 3D telescopes) and dimensional teaching temples and areas on the higher dimensional planes of Earth and our solar system. With practice, you can remember these experiences as 'lucid dreaming' (dreams that 'feel real', because they are). It will always be a loving, benevolent teaching experience.

SIGNS IN THE SKY THAT YOU ARE HEARD AND SEEN - You may even attract the attention of Benevolent Dimensional Space Brothers and Sisters who will appear for you physically in lightships in the sky and then disappear as a 'sign' that you have been heard. This can mean they are working with you out-of-body at night to teach higher esoteric information. The intention is always to help connect you to your Higher-self and/or Oversoul and remember you are 'more than you think you are'. There are NEVER any negative experiences with the Benevolent Ascended ETs. Very often these positive experiences are with your own Galactic Families who are waiting for you to return home to the higher planes, realms, frequencies or dimensions.

HEALING - One person reported a miraculous healing and vision from reciting 'Ne Selnic Mu-Shulmac Tublia Nic Toh-Nah' like a mantra or prayer over and over again. Most powerful when you think of Yahoshua/Sananda.






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