Praise of Creator is incredibly powerful, when done with love, humility, trust in Creator and honest intention, not ego. It is a powerful tool to attract Creator's attention. PRAISING CREATOR raises the vibration or frequency of a person higher than anything else. Your aura will glow with sparkling crystal white and gold Light. Praise of Creator is also an amazing protection tool against 'fallen tricksters' that try to derail or hurt us. When you Praise with 'true love and knowledge of Creator' in your heart, the evil ones cannot stand it and will run away fast!! Try using these words to Praise, or MAKE UP YOUR OWN WORDS OF PRAISE. Heartfelt Praise is the highest form of prayer. Try it and see what happens! Miracles can occur. Singing Praise is also amazing. Quickly you will find your own voice with this.


Praise YAHWEH, Alleluia, Hallelujah,
Praise the Lord, Praise Creator


I adore You! I love You! I glorify You! I praise You! I give thanks for All You Are! I desire only You! You are Holy! You are Perfect! You are Joy! You are Beautiful! You are Glorious! You are Awesome! You are Unfathomable! You are All Powerful! You are Eternal Joy! You are My Light! You are My Love! You are My Life! You are Love Unceasing! You are My Beloved! You are Bliss! You are Healing! You lift me up in Your Glory! Your Beauty overwhelms me! Your Love for me is Unimaginable! You quench my thirst! I cannot Praise You enough! I am Redeemed by You! You are my Savior! You are the Alpha & the Omega! You are the Beginning & the End! You are the Ever Flowing River of Eternal Living Light & Love! You are my comfort and pure joy. You are within and without all Creation. You are the breath of Life. You are the Lord, the King of All Kings! You are Everything!







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