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Upper West Side UFO ~ April 10, 2016 - Sunday

Incredible morphing 'Y' SHAPED GOLDEN UFO Visits after I meditate and pray.

It was around 1:00PM on Sunday, April 10, 2016 when I went to my living room windows to send out a telepathic "Hello!" to my ET brothers and sisters in space. I did my usual mind projections of a spaceship and sent out the words my ET friends taught me when I was young. I also said a few prayers, like 'The Lord's Prayer', a 'Hail Mary' prayer, and just spoke to Creator offering thanks, gratitude and love. I just send out prayers with love, reverence, devotion and humbleness in my heart and soul. When I finished, I went to our sofa and sat down to look at a magazine. Phyllis was on the computer working on our ET Universal Symbols book. It was about 12 minutes later when I heard a telepathic call to come to the window and look up to the left. I went over and opened a window and looked out, and there in the sky facing towards the West was a gold object hovering high up, just shining and sparkling in the blue sky. I always keep a pair of binoculars near the window area just in case a UFO comes by. I quickly studied the bright glowing object, which was a metallic gold in color and was morphing into the shape of a upper case Y. The UFO was very beautiful and I knew I had to get some pictures before it disappeared.

I picked up the Canon Digital Rebel-2Ti camera, put on a 300mm telephoto lens and started shooting pictures. The spaceship morphed a little, but seemed to stay mostly in the gold shimmering Y shape. Intuitively I knew the spaceship was from the Ashtar Command, and that an ET friend was the captain on the ship. I also was telepathically told that the ET I met in Central Park last August 10, 2015, was also on the spaceship. I was given information about why the crew morphed the energy of the spaceship into a Y shape. It was to show they are with the 'Christ Group' and working with the Intergalactic Mission in space. They formed the Y shape in respect and to honor our Radiant and all Loving Creator (or Yahweh), and also for Yehoshua (Jesus, Sananda).
The color Gold is also very important on the high frequency dimensions as a transmuting and balancing energy.
The ETs explained that they use the Gold energy as a enhancing vibrational frequency enhancer. When people look at the gold energy in the spaceship pictures, their eyes and nerves open a connection towards the pituitary and pineal glands, thereby enhancing chakra energy in the body and activating subtle hidden frequency light codes within our DNA .

My ET crew friends told me that the numbers in the pictures camera time clock were also important. All the UFO images had a time stamp when the picture was taken. I met the ET in Central Park on August 10, 2015 and the time was near 1:00PM when he left me on the bench and slowly walked away. When I saw the spaceship it was close to 1:15PM, and within seconds I was teleported onto the ship and met Sananda, my ET crew and friends and Ashtar who greeted me with a kiss on the right cheek and a hug. It was now obvious the ETs were using the day and the time as a sign to me and a "hello" from the ET named Balthon, that I met in the Central Park on August 10th. Phyllis and I realized that the date April 10th and the time of 1:15PM were matching pretty closely with what was happening as I took pictures of the gold Y shaped spaceship. Phyllis could see the UFO in the sky, but it looked like a sparkling star to her. She didn’t get any images with the small point and shoot because it was gone too fast and she didn’t want to interrupt my shooting at the windows with the bigger Canon camera.

It was exciting to watch the spaceship rotate and turn in different directions as I kept it in focus. Gradually the spaceship moved to hover way high up over a building on Central Park West near West 86 Street. Suddenly the UFO started to glow very bright and I sensed it would leave soon. As I just was about to take a few pictures, the ship flashed one big white light and then just dematerialized! I wasn't able to get a last picture of the ship, because I had quickly moved to another living room window to see the spaceship better.
When the spaceship flashed off, I searched all around in the sky, but the spaceship was gone! I sent out a telepathic "Thank you!" to my ET friends, Ashtar and my Space Crew for helping to arrange the beautiful sighting for Phyllis and I.