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Upper West Side UFO ~ October 12, 2015 - Monday

UFOs Visit 3 times in one day, but I photograph them twice.

I was working on my ET Universal Symbols book when I took a little break.  I went to the windows in my living room and opened one, so I could lean out to look at the sky.  I noticed that there were hardly any clouds and mostly a blue sky.  However, there seemed to be quite a few helicopters and airplanes flying around in different directions.  I watched a couple of helicopters with my binoculars, and wondered what was going on up there for a few seconds.  There seemed to be more then the normal amount of passenger and news helicopters moving back and forth from the Hudson River to the East side.  I then quickly searched the sky for UFOs. 

While I was looking at the sky, I had a feeling there were some of Ashtar’s spaceships and crews from the Ashtar Command, and other benevolent Alliance spaceships flying high in the sky and invisible to human eyes.  I spoke in a whisper some of my usual words and prayers that my space friends taught me when I was very young.  At the same time, I imagined and created a ‘thought form’ image of a spaceship. (Like a typical dome and disk ‘flying saucer’).  I then telepathically projected from the center of my forehead (or ‘Third Eye’), the picture on an imaginary beam of light right up to the sky, and out into space.  I prayed certain prayers that create an energy spiral to the sky on a more spiritual vibration and is visible to some of the higher Etherian ETs’ spaceships that fly around the Earth.  After approximately a half hour I was telepathically called to the living room window and told to look up to my right towards Central Park.  I examined the UFO with my high powered binoculars to see it was not a craft of this earth.  I took a few pictures while it flashed in the sky until it disappeared.  When I reviewed the images, they were completely white because the camera had been set to expose for dusk light from the weekend when my wife was using it. I called Phyllis at work and she told me what to change on the camera to fix the exposure.  It was the ISO which was set to 6400 instead of 100 where it should be during daylight.  I took a few test shots of the sky and they were exposed correctly.  But, I had lost the opportunity to capture the ships that showed up initially for me.  So I telepathically sent a message to the space crews that the first batch were ruined.  I prayed and mediated to bring them back.  Around 4:45 PM I was called back to the window and heard, “Look to your right and up.”  When I looked up there was a UFO hovering silently, sparkling and reflecting in the sky.  There was a rose colored haze of energy underneath it, and silver reflections near the top.  With my binoculars I could see it was not like anything I had ever seen before.  The UFO was strange shaped and unusual, and would change shape, or morph a little bit.  I started just taking pictures right after the other, and thanking the space people for coming to see me.  It was close to 4:51PM, and I just kept snapping pictures until the UFO went slowly behind a water tower on a building.  I waited and the UFO never came out from behind the tower or the building.  I intuitively felt it teleported away. 
I thanked the space crews once more, and asked if it is possible for one of the UFOs (the one shaped like sphere), could possibly come back again?  I also added, “Let it be your will not mine, but I would love to see the UFO sphere again. 

I went back to the computer and typed more on my Universal Symbols book, when about 9 minutes or so later I heard, “Come to the window now, and look to the left.”  When I went to the window, I looked left towards the Hudson River and there in the sky was a reflecting object.  I studied the UFO with my binoculars and was amazed!  The UFO looked exactly like the UFO I had seen around 4:30PM, and it was traveling on the same path as before!  The UFO looked like a giant sphere with silver and white reflections.  It was beautiful!  I took the camera and started taking pictures right after the other, until the UFO flashed off and disappeared.  .  I took my binoculars and searched the sky for any other reflections, but there was nothing in the sky. 

I was very excited after the UFOs coming back for me and now I really wanted to see the new pictures! 
I stood by a light in the living room and looked at the pictures as close up as possible on the camera.
I also used a photographers magnifying lupe to see even closer.  I thought the UFO pictures were really good!  I love seeing the UFO images, because many times they do not look exactly like what I was seeing through the camera.

I went back to my living room window and gave thanks to the space people for stopping.  I sent love and Light to all of the space crew’s, because they are taking time from what they are working on to give me (and anyone who sees the UFO photographs), a ‘spiritual sign’ from the sky that the ETs are there and they care.