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UFO Morphing Animation August 10, 2015 by Marc Brinkerhoff




FRAME 5067

Central Park UFO ~ August 10, 2015 - Monday

This one looks like a craft morphing into our dimension, similar to what a plane looks like breaking through the sound barrier.

It looks like the UFO is surrounded by an ionization or plasmic energy field.

What is also interesting is that this first image, Frame 5067, was taken at 1:18pm, and the next image Frame 5068 was photographed at 1:42pm, leaving a 24 minute gap between the two pictures. My wife Phyllis discovered the missing time when she was downloading the pictures to the computer and brought it to my attention. For me there was no time missing. It felt like 3 or 4 minutes went by at the most, between putting the camera down and picking up my binoculars to look through, and then getting my camera again to take the rest of the sequence of UFO pictures.

I went into Central Park in New York City around 12:45 pm. I meditated and prayed for approximately 25 minutes.  Then I heard telepathically, "Look up."  Suddenly, I saw a glowing object fly out of a small cloud and just hover in the sky very high above me. It looked like a shimmering white star.  

I shot one photo. Then, I set the camera down in my tote bag and viewed the object through my binoculars. Clearly I could see it was a shinning, bright, reflecting, oval object, hovering high up.  I knew it was my ‘ET Crew’. So, I set my binoculars down and picked the camera back up again to shoot another 25 images, before the object went into a wispy cloud and just disappeared.

When Phyllis enlarged the images, we were amazed at how unique the shapes were. They did not look like stars at all.

When I arrived back home it was 2:05pm.