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YouTube Morphing UFO Animation Click to view 41 UFOs
High res close-ups.

Sananda, my ET family, Ashtar
and his crew want you to know
the various benevolent
Galactic Alliances in space
are watching and listening to
all souls who are reaching out
to them and Creator. By these
morphing UFO pictograms, they
are literally showing their love
and the fact that they are
extending their hand in peace
and brotherhood-sisterhood.

Image numbers 4659, 4662, 4664
and 4665 look like hands being
extended. 4665 amazingly shows
a heart and a cross in it representing Sananda. Image numbers 4672, 4673 and 4685 resemble hearts being formed.

Please remember, these ETs are
representatives of the Christ Group or as some call them, The Great White Brotherhood of Ascended ET and Earth Master Teachers.



FRAME 4659

Central Park UFO ~ May 14, 2015 - Thursday

This is clearly a hand being extended!

Thursday, May 14, 2015, I went to Central Park, NYC around 12:45 PM with my Canon T2i Rebel with a 300mm lens and
binoculars to hopefully capture some UFOs. I prayed and meditated on a bench in the sun for 20 minutes and then moved to my favorite
rocks where it was cooler. I played spiritual music with my cell phone as I prayed. After about an hour, I telepathically said to my
ET friends, “I have to be leaving soon, so if you are going to show today, it will need to be ASAP.” I picked up my bag of equipment
and moved to another spot when I heard, “Look up.” Hovering directly overhead was a glowing white object. I examined the UFO with my binoculars and then started shooting. I shot for about 7
minutes and captured 43 morphing UFO images.

Please examine the 41 close-up images of the morphing UFO by clicking on the thumbnails to the left. These were taken over a time period of about 7 minutes as the UFO flashed and glowed in the sky on Thursday, May 14, 2015 starting at 1:44:03 PM.
If you study the shapes, you’ll notice that images number 4659, 4662, 4664 and 4665 look like hands being extended. 4665 amazingly shows a heart and a cross in it. Image
numbers 4672 , 4673 and 4685 resemble hearts being





YouTube Animation of 41 UFOs captured by Marc Brinkerhoff May 14, 2015.