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Central Park UFOs ~ April 15, 2015 - Wednesday

I intuitively felt to go into Central Park near West 85th Street entrance  on Wednesday April 15, 2015, to meditate and send telepathic greetings and prayers out to my space contacts.  I sat in my usual area on a bench away from the many people sunbathing and walking dogs.  After about 20 minutes or so, I walked over to the grass hill behind the benches and scanned the sky from left to right.  I heard “Look up!”, and there with clouds moving in, I saw a white oval sphere coming from over the buildings from West 84th Street.  I looked with binoculars and saw it was a UFO.  I tried to focus on the ship and take a picture, but clouds were coming around faster and then the UFO just dematerialized.  Well, I thought…“Thanks, can you please
come back again?”  I said more prayers and called the names of my space friends.  I also telepathic sent images of spaceships and said more of the ancient space words.

I walked towards the grass near rocks and I whispered, “I have to leave soon it is nearing 1:56 pm. Please come soon if you can?”  
A few minutes went buy and I heard telepathically, “Look up!” 
I looked up and there at a 12:00 o’clock position in the sky was a luminous silver looking object hovering above me.  I looked at it through my binoculars and my Canon Digital Rebel 2TI camera lens and the UFO resembled a group of 3 Spheres in a row.  It was a formation.  These were no balloons and there were no strings.  I focused the camera and started shooting pictures right after another.  At times the UFOs shot out reflective plasma energy appearing in a white silver color. They started moving to my left (which was South) in the sky over Central Park and West 84th Street.  The Sun was behind me.  I kept photographing until I felt intuitively the UFOs were going to leave.   The UFOs hovered for a few seconds, and I held the camera down a little and telepathically thanked them for coming and giving me pictures of them as ‘the Signs in the sky’ to show our friends and other people.  At that moment I heard telepathically, “You are welcome.  We send love and Blessings in the Light to you and Phyllis, and all your friends. We have to leave now, Vasu.”  The time was after 2:03pm.

Later in the evening when my wife downloaded the UFO images, I was amazed to see the many morphing shapes that the UFOs formed!  When I was photographing the UFOs, I could see they changed shapes a little, but I saw mostly spheres!  I was making sure I was keeping the UFOs in the lens focused.  They have always said they can change shapes in seconds.  This sequence was photographed in approximately 1 to 2 minutes.  They amaze us.