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My Extraterrestrial group instructed me to look out the living room window on Saturday August 14th, 2010. First I saw high up in the sky a reflecting silver object. With my binoculars I could see it was a Silver Sphere. Telepathically I sensed something extraordinary would occur. After about two minutes (as I visually scanned the sky), I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two strange looking spaceships suddenly appear over the building I was looking at! They hovered for a minute or two and then slowly started traveling West towards the Hudson River. They were a bit too far in the sky to capture any decent video footage, but with a telefocus lens I shot these amazing images of the two Spheres morphing into different shapes.
I watched with binoculars as one at a time they morphed from one large Silver Sphere into two Spheres and then more Spheres formed around them. An interesting blue shaped object appeared in the centers of the two objects and then they both once more morphed into three spheres connected to each other. After I took the pictures I looked again with the binoculars as they both formed into one Sphere each and dematerialized! A half hour later I asked if they could come back. After an hour and a half went by I was telepathically directed to look out the window and there was one of the Sphere objects hovering over the building. I took some pictures of it and then it slowly went up to the sky and dematerialized.

I have more images besides the three I've posted for this sequence.