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This is a graphite drawing of the teleportation event as I remember it, by Marc.


November 3, 1977 - Thursday

The day was like any other day, clear and cool. It was around 11PM when I received a telephone call from my friend Ralph Grieco. He asked me if I wanted to come over to his house to talk about Metaphysics and listen to some music. Ralph also mentioned how he knew I would be going out sky-watching later on that night, so he thought I might just want to hang out for a while. I told Ralph I would be over around 12AM. Normally it could take me up to 45 or more minutes to drive over to where he lived.

I left my house at 11:10PM and I arrived at Ralph's house at 11:17PM. When Ralph saw me in his driveway he said - You can not be here. I just hung up with you a few minutes ago. I told him - I was just on the Spaceship. Ralph said, - Well you had to be somewhere, because this is not possible. By the time I saw the clock in his kitchen it was 11:20PM.

I was teleported onto the Spaceship and then jumped in time through dimensions to from driving around a sharp curve by Lake Mahopac and the next moment I was on the Spaceship. The graphite illustration on this page represents what I saw the moment I arrived on the Spaceship. I had a brief conversation with my Space friends and then I was sent back to be just arriving near Ralph's driveway.

The Time total took 5 minutes. There is more to the story. You can read more in my upcoming book on my experiences with the Extraterrestrials.



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