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This is a pastel depiction of how I might have looked while being taken up into the Spaceship physically. With a feeling of total love and calmness, I watched the moving colored lights of the Spaceship while being held in the arms of my benevolent Extraterrestrial space friend. I remember to this day the view from that high up, of the field with the football goal posts in the distance as well, and the surrounding distant areas like Carmel, New York, where the cluster of lights are seen in the distance.

I will never forget the energy and how I felt no fear, but just joy and calmness as I studied the face of the compassionate and amazing Extraterrestrial.


Marc's house in relation to the school field where he was taken on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft and went for a ride with his 'ET friends'.
This is a pastel illustration of Marc being levitated into spacehip in the arms of the benevolent ET by Marc.
This is a pastel depiction of the alien approaching me to take me into the ship. He looked like he was floating over the grass as he approached.


Marc Brinkerhoff - Contactee Marc's Actual UFO Photography