The Evolution of Earth Soul Intelligence

The Mission...

To confirm knowledge of Our Loving, Infinite and Radiant Creator. You have always been loved and never been lost. It's the illusion of 3D testing realities that constructs the false idea of separation. The Ascended ETs, Earth Masters and Angels know Creator's Love and consider us their brothers and sisters in the Light. This is why they are constantly looking for Earth students who are spiritually waking up, and trying to assist them in their quest for the Truth.

To reveal the true magnificence of Yeshua/Sananda's reality as told to me by Saint Michael the Archangel.

To uncover your Universal Soul Perspective, be released from limited terrestrial thinking and the pull of karmic reincarnation cycles of 3D physical planets.

To help teach and assist you in your soul’s evolution towards Transcendence and help connect you consciously to your Higher and Universal Self.

To teach you activations, techniques and protocols from the ET Ascended Masters, that will assist in shifting your auric energy and body frequency. This will allow you to be noticed by the ET and Earth Ascended Masters, so they can work with you. Many of these protocols have been withheld from Earth until now to take full advantage of the energies we are now moving through in space and the level of consciousness man has advanced to. Many students have already reported a visceral connection to their Galactic Self after practicing these simple protocols.

To help you eliminate the fear of death and understand the many levels of heavenly worlds that exist around planets and how to spiritually navigate towards the Cosmic Universal realms in space.

To help in your healing and abundance manifesting work.

To create enlightened curiosity in the minds and souls of Starseeds or Galactic Souls who have started to awaken.

To help heal the 3D reality of Planet Earth as a new era of enlightenment is ushered in.

To help you make choices in this 3D reality to purify your thinking, actions and body for true Transcendence.

I have been told this information is for the few, not the many.

If you think you are a Star Seed, Wanderer, Experiencer, or extremely interested in the Positive Aspects of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Contact, you are a Galactic Soul who is ready for the next level in Soul Evolution.
The Truth shall set you free.