About Marc

Marc is a Contactee, Conscious Channel and Walk-in. He is a self-aware Aspect from 12th plus dimensional Universals of the Christ Group, Alsyglion Group & Asteron Intergalactic Command. They reside on massive Arcvannas (planetary-like space craft) manifesting on 7th plus dimensions. (They are beyond the idea of spiritual masters. (Our words, not theirs, as they are profoundly humble.) He is their only representative to speak for the Alsylion Group on Earth. He is able to often call in interdimensional Extraterrestrial Craft to be witnessed and photographed to bear witness to his ongoing contact. He can be seen in the award winning film by James Carman, "The Hidden Hand". Marc's presence in the film provides the benevolent aspect of human and ET interaction.

In lectures and workshops Marc provides spiritual tools taught by his 'ET group' for 'Frequency Upgrading'. These sacred tools have delighted students with transformational experiences, contact with Sananda/Yehoshua, Higher-Selves, Overselves etc. and sometimes spontaneous healing. The Universal ETs suggest, “It is time for the Sleepers to Awaken to their own magnificent Future Universal Selves.”

Marc's ET group is always engaged with The Christ Group which is composed of Archangels, Christ Angels, Intergalactic ET Masters and Spiritual Master Teachers. They ALL operate under the sacred direction of Sananda, who was known as Yeshoshua (Jesus) on planet Earth, who is Master of all Masters the ONLY Divine Son who sits at the right hand of the Father.

Core teachings:

Conscious Experience with Your Authentic Self (Oversoul etc.) - At the center of all profoundly realized consciousness upgrades is love, reverence and gratitude for our Infinite Radiant Creator (YAHWEH) with knowledge of the TRUTH of SANANDA'S/YEHOSHUA'S soverienty in the Universe. Practice this in prayer and meditation and watch what happens.

Evolution of Earth Soul Intelligence - Uncover your Universal Soul Perspective and be released from limited terrestrial thinking and endless incarnations back into low dimensional, physical 'teaching planets'.

Profound Energy Shifting Technologies - Learn protocols and activations to link you consciously to your Higher Self, Oversoul etc. and help heal the 3D reality humanity has been erroneously suffering in.

Cosmic Brotherhood/Sisterhood - All Souls are created from the One Infinite Creator. As such, all awakened cosmic beings consider us their brothers and sisters in the Light. Universal ET Master, Sarriless has always said, "You See Yourself Through Your Brother's and Sister's Eyes."

A word from Marc...

I've been in contact as far back as I can remember and have been seeing physical UFOs with and without witnesses since I was 4 years old. I remember visiting my ET Family as an adult most every night in my dreams even before I was 4. Eventually I realized these were not dreams but out-of-body travels.

I started taking photos of UFOs in 1976 with film and stopped temporarily in 1986. In 2008, I began shooting UFOs again with digital cameras, though I had been seeing Extraterrestrial Lightships and ETs even when I wasn't trying to capture them on film. I admit, I've become a bit bored with this endeavor as it only serves to illustrate to most people what they already know. 'We are not alone'. I'm far more interested in teaching students how to reach in and up to their own magnificent Universal/Future Selves.

I'm a messenger from a benevolent group of Extraterrestrials residing in extremely fine dimensions, The Alsyglion Group, who are my personal spiritual family. I agreed to take a physical body to get space boots on the ground so to speak, to help at this momentous time in the evolution of Planet Earth. I am a Walk-in and was recognized as such in 1980, by the late Ruth Montgomery who wrote, Strangers Among Us, before she met me. Ingo Swann, who became a close friend for over 20 years, also recognized that I was a Walk-in when he met me. As you may know, he left this reality in January 2013.

The Universal Master ETs exist on much finer frequencies than ours and are interested deeply in our spiritual as well as physical evolution. I have been allowed to bring in teachings that were hidden until our galaxy started moving through an area in space of accelerating frequencies. Freedom from karmic traps is actually possible now for many who want to learn and can live a loving, forgiving, conscious life. My group works closely with Ashtar Sheran and his command. All of the higher frequency ETs are interested in our evolution and preservation of our sacred Mother Earth. There are over multiple civilizations visiting the Earth with only 30 percent from the physical dimensions of planets and the rest higher dimensional ETs.

The Universal Master ETs DO NOT need anything from our planet or us. They want you to realize the frequency of our planet is changing and so must we. They suggest you Transform Your Thoughts to Transform The World. They are our brothers and sisters in the Light of Our Infinite Creator and love ALL of mankind with no exceptions. They are The Signs in the Sky noted in the Bible. They know we are all magnificent souls on an epic journey back to Creator.

In future evolutions, YOU will most certainly be extending your help to universal family members throughout the Universe, who have also forgotten their authentic roots. There are Many Mansions in Creator's Reality, as noted by our Divine Beloved Savior, Yehoshua/Sananda.

Talents and Abilities

Conscious Channel - Marc is a conscious channel who can call in the presence of the Universal Master Extraterrestrials he is in contact with. He is fully conscious at all times, even when they speak through him. You might say he can 'remote view' his ET family at will.

Contactee - Has been physically on-board Extraterrestrial Spacecraft and had multiple encounters with benevolent beings. Major CEIII was documented by SBI, Scientific Bureau of Investigation headed by Pete Mazzola. In addition, Marc is always 'in contact' mentally with his Universal Master ET group and can channel them at will. Marc was physically contacted again on August 10, 2015 in Central Park and teleported to a ship hovering high in the sky.

UFO Photographer - Marc is directed to capture photographs of space craft. His early photography and encounters were thoroughly investigated from 1979 through 1981 by the SBI, Scientific Bureau of Investigation headed by Pete Mazzola. He started capturing NEW UFO photos in 2009.This gift is designed to inspire people to tune up to their own ET families residing on finer frequencies of light.

Born Without the Veil - Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant, Medium, etc.

Mystic Artist - Able to see and illustrate beings that exist beyond our dimension, such as Yehoshua/Sananda, Blessed Mary, Ashtar, Guardian Angels, Higher Selves and/or Over Souls, plus higher dimensional Extraterrestrials, and inhabitants of the Elemental Kingdom. He is also adept at illustrating all types of animals, though he has no formal training on Earth. His mediums of choice are oil, pastel and graphite, though he is a gifted sculptor as well.

Soul Traveler - Ability to Soul Travel and remember. This type of Soul traveling far exceeds Astral traveling and normal Out-of-Body experiences which he also can accomplish. Some have dubbed it Eckankar, but he was doing it long before he ever heard of this term.

Clear Channel - Ability to intuitively and physically see, hear and communicate with Angels, Nature Spirits, Universal ET and Earth Masters and often can speak telepathically with animals.

Spiritual Practice Certifications

Mencho Rei Kei - Equivalent to Levels I, II & III

Mencho Rei Kei - Master Level                                       
Lay Monk qualified to bless water and oils.

Reverend - Open Heart Sanctuary

Mental Sharpening - Training by
Carol Ann Hontz