2-12-16-Bob Brown Show - Interview with Marc and Phyllis BrinkerhoffMorphing UFO April 18, 2015 photographed by Contactee Marc BrinkerhoffMovie Clip of Marc Brinkerhoff from James Carman's Movie, 'The Hidden Hand'.Info2RailMarc Brinkerhoff Interview with Bob Charles March 16, 2014.  May 14, 2015Fringe Radio Morphing UFO - Point & Shoot captured April 18, 2018UFO Morphing Aug. 10, 2015Morphing UFO photographed by Marc Brinkerhoff Oct. 12, 2015. Y UFO photographed April 10, 2016 by Marc Brinkerhoff UFO Aug. 7, 2016 by Marc Brinkerhoff Montage of 10 different UFO animations I've shot since 2012 (some never seen).








About Marc Extraterrestrials The Mission Marc's UFO Photography Author, UFO and paranormal investigator, Farah Yurdozu, presented Marc's story via live streaming on skype allowing the audience to ask Marc questions. She acts as an interpreter for her Turkish audience. Marc appears at 1:25:30 into show. Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cosmic Voyage to Elsewhere: The Scale of the Universe


Fringe Radio- Aug. 8, 2015 UFO-Morphing-May 14-2015 UFO-April 18, 2015-Morphing The Hidden Hand Film-Marc Brinkerhoff Info3Rail Radio-May 22, 2015-Marc Brinkerhoff