Frame from negative - click to view larger. The color of the negative has shifted after over 30 years.


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Red Scout Spaceship and Hatchways to a Mothership:
This image was taken at the Mahopac Middle School field in Mahopac, NY after 9:00pm on Saturday September 17, 1977. I was with a group of friends who wanted to go on a sky-watch with me. There was a total of ten people all together. All those who had a camera were to aim their cameras with me at the sky. I was hoping that the other people might get an image on their camera film. So, at the count of three we all ‘clicked’ our cameras at once up into the night sky. My camera got the only image on the film out of all of us there.

I was telepathically impressed with what the image was as soon as I looked at the negative. The original image has four small red orange objects. Two of them appear to be probes. Two others look like Scout ships. The triangular shaped object on the left of the image is a Scoutship (UFO), that has just left one of the large hatchway doors to the main ‘Mothership’. The rectangular objects on the right of the image are the hatchways to the ‘Mothership’. One door is opened and the one below is just closing. The rest of the spacecraft is invisible to our camera film due to the frequency being of a higher vibration then the camera could pick up. There are color spectrums that our eyes and cameras can not see or pick up on film.