Frame from negative - click to view larger. The color of the negative has shifted after over 30 years.


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This image was taken at Mahopac School field, Mahopac, NY around 11:00pm, February, 1978.
Scoutship with Energy Field

I was surprised to see the picture of the half disc and energy on the negative when I got my film back from the Foto Mat store. I had never seen an image like it, but it was a picture that I received in response to a question I had asked the Space People.

It was a beautiful night on Tuesday February 14, 1978 with a clear starry night and a half moon above. There was a slight wind and a few fast moving clouds. Earlier that night I had been out visiting a friend and was driving home when I decided to stop for a little while at the Mahopac Middle School field with one of my White German Shepherd dogs. It was a cold night around 11:00pm, and I didn’t want to stay long in the football field, so I sent out thoughts of “Hello.” and waited for a while. I felt there was a presence as I started walking back towards my car in the parking lot, when I felt to turn around and take a picture at the star filled zenith above me. As I aimed the camera at the sky I asked in a low voice out loud, “Maybe you can send me a picture that shows energy or energy fields? That would be different, thank you.” I ‘clicked’ the camera two times and then got into my car. I thanked the Space People, got into the car with my dog, flashed my car headlights a few times as a “thank you” to them, and then drove home.