Frame from negative - click to view larger. The color of the negative has shifted after over 30 years.


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This image was taken at the Mahopac Middle School field in Mahopac, N.Y. on Saturday May 21, 1977 after 12:00am. It was a clear starry night with a thin quarter moon.

The picture shows a UFO with light beams materializing within the dimension. Although the color has changed over the many years the image is still clear.

I was on a vacation in England during March to May in 1978. It was near the end of March when I met Bob Strong, who was a retired World War II Air Force pilot.

Bob told me that he would set his camera equipment up at Starr Hill and Cradle Hill, on a tripod and take photographs of UFO’s. We talked about our UFO experiences and shared photographs and stories. He showed me many pictures of UFO’s he had taken in Warminster in the mid 1970’s. There were triangular shaped Spaceships, a few round white oval or egg shaped UFO’s and some similar images that resemble the picture I had taken here with the green arc and beams of light. Mr. Strong told mentioned that the Spaceships in the pictures he took were physically there in the sky to see. He thought that my images of the green arcs were exactly like his, and he assumed that I had also seen the UFO’s. When I explained to him how I took the pictures he was very excited. Mr. Strong told me that he would see the UFO’s just appear in the sky above him and later dematerialize. He felt I had captured the UFO’s within the dimensions, which was something he had never seen before.

Mr. Strong and I had a wonderful talk and he also told me stories of strange underground tunnels he had seen while working on waterlines in the nearby towns as well as under areas around Warminster. He was a very interesting man and I felt honored to have met him.

Some of Bob Strong’s UFO photography has appeared in books. I have one book that was published by Timothy Green Beckley called ‘UFO Prohecy’ by Arthur Shuttlewood. Mr. Shuttlewood was also an amazing man full of local knowledge and information on UFO sightings around England. Arthur was a Contactee and had encounters with tall humanoid aliens, one was a woman who looked to be in her late 20’s, but she informed Arthur she was around 300 earth years in age. When I talked with Mr. Shuttlewood about my physical encounters, it was like we were speaking about similar Space people that he had seen as well. Arthur Shuttlewood was also a UFO researcher and at times would guide groups of people to local ‘hot spots’ where UFO’s could be seen.