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FRAME 4466

Central Park UFOs ~ April 13, 2015

I entered Central Park at West 85th Street with my camera and binoculars about 12:35PM on April 13th, 2015 and walked to my favorite spot to sit and watch the sky.  While there, I meditated and whispered words I’ve been taught by the ETs I work with.  I spoke to them telepathically. “You are the signs in the sky and people need to see you more often.  It helps them have faith and hope to see your inspirational lightships.  Please let me take a few pictures to help people see and believe.”  I continued praying and chanting the ET mantras to myself.  Then, I waited and trusted that my space friends would answer me.

I waited almost an hour praying and concentrating on love and light. A few times I was interrupted due to children playing loud or skate boarders trying to practice.  Skateboards generate considerable noise and echo’s caused when rolling and jumping onto cement. When more people showed up smoking and talking loud, I got up and moved towards the grass and sat on some rocks.  It was still peaceful and less noisy.  Because I kept moving and getting interrupted, I felt that is why it took longer before I saw any UFOs.  You have to be patient.

As it was getting late, I sent my thoughts with a sense of urgency that I would have to be leaving soon. So I asked one last time,  “Please show up if you are in the area.”

Then I felt to look up to my right, which was towards the Sun.  The Sun was at a 1:00 position in the sky.  So I looked towards the left of the Sun. That is when a shiny silver disk flew from a hazy little cloud and zoomed very fast towards the North.  It moved so fast all I could do was look at it through the camera lens.  I could see it clearly and when I tried to get a picture…it went behind a tree.
So, I moved beyond the tree and expected the UFO to still be flying but sadly there was nothing. It had dematerialized.

I knew that was my first sign.  That’s how my space friends alert me that they are around. I gathered my things and felt to look up in the Northerly direction. There over the trees, but very high up in the sky was a light purple pink sphere.  It was blurry and it hovered in one spot.  I could see with my binoculars it was a sphere and then it dematerialized!  So I knew it was NOT a balloon.
It was a sign, so I took my bag and walked towards the other rocks I sit on. I sat on a small rock and scanned the blue sky overhead looking and back and forth towards the North, all the while giving thanks, saying prayers and my special ET words.
I heard,  “Look up to your left.” There over a tree was a beautiful pink sphere hovering way high up in the sky over a tree.  I looked at it with my binoculars to make sure it was not a balloon.  I could see there were no strings.  As it hovered, I could feel and intuitively sense my benevolent space friend’s thoughts.  My contact crew and family work with the Christ Group founded and headed by Sananda/Yeshua.  They telepathically told me they got a message to Ashtar’s crews located in the New York State area and they were going to stop by. 

Telepathically I was told that the beautiful pink sphere had Sananda/Yeshua and a couple of my space friends and family crew in it! Actually, my wife’s and my ‘future self’ were in that ship. They were with a few of Ashtar’s crew from the high etheric realm and would not stay very long. They personally wanted to get a message to my wife and I that…“All is well, we love you”.   (There was a visual symbolic message in the form of a CROSS, but we didn’t see it until my wife downloaded the images onto our computer.) A shot of the same craft seconds later just showed a pink round orb with no symbol. I didn’t post that one.

I know pink is a color the space crews can use to send a message of love and light as a greeting to anyone watching a UFO.  It is not the first time a cross has appeared on a UFO for me.  I have other pictures from 2011 taken in Canaan, New York, where you can see a ‘cross’ and a ‘heart’ on a blue white Sphere in two different pictures on the web site. They are more subtle than this one, but our friend Marie witnessed those through binoculars and was blown away when we downloaded and posted what she had seen in Canaan.

The ultra-dimensional space crews can project signs on their craft for us to see.  I could see the UFOs were changing shapes and I hoped I could get them as I took pictures.  When I saw them downloaded I was happy I captured the dimensional UFOs morphing shapes!

Then I was impressed telepathically to look to my right over the trees and there I saw in the sky two spheres sending out silver flashes of light pulsing in the order of…one two, space, one two, space one flash and then stop. That went on one more time. Then the other UFO below in a 4:00 o’clock position towards the lower right of the left UFO (which was at an 11:00 o’clock position), started to send out bright reflective silver white flashing pulses of light in the same sequence as the first UFO!  The crew calls them Plasma flashes.
I watched as the two UFOs now flashed in sequence back and forth.  Two flashes from the left UFO and then two flashes from the lower right UFO.  I tried to take a picture that showed the two UFOs.
The fist UFO was gone and the other Two UFOs stayed for a little longer.  Then as I took my last picture they both were gone.  They dematerialized.  I waited a few more minutes and watched the sky.  I knew they had to go, but hoped for one more to show up.  I intuitively knew that was it for now.  I went home feeling really happy and thanked my space contacts for helping me get some pictures with Ashtar’s crew.  Walking home I couldn’t help but feel comforted, joyful and grateful for all we have in the universe.

The rest of the pictures show two different UFOs morphing into different shapes before leaving.  Some have projected domes and side views of the spaceship with a dome looking like a gold sphere and surrounded by a light aura energy field. There is one image that is a shadow Cylinder with a prismatic sphere to the left (see Frame 4465).  The cylinder is a spaceship within the dimension hovering in a lower part of the picture. The Cylinder shape appears in three photographs before it disappears.

I’m grateful to the crews for these exceptional images and especially to Sananda for the amazing Cross symbol.