FORMATION OF 13 UFOs SHOT WITH CANON POWERSHOT SX210 using 14x optical zoom. Click to enlarge camera.

New York City. Sighted 13 Shimmering White objects flying fast and were very High up in the Sky - way over 10,000 feet up.

Flying from West to East and towards Central Park.

That morning I telepathically prayed for a sign while looking out the window.

I felt to go look out the living room window right at that moment.
I was suddenly very excited, because there very, very high up in the sky were a group of 13 shimmering white reflecting objects. They were materializing and forming into a formation of two parallel rows. At the same time they were moving quite fast from the West to the East. The rows were in arc formations and parallel to each other. As the objects moved into a line position, two were exchanging places. I ran to get my camera from a table and was able to get one picture. They were moving fast with no sound. I had to bend out the window backwards to try to get a shot of them moving over the corner of my building, and there was an air conditioner in front of me. I felt I got an image of them before they moved over the building. The UFOs were telepathically sending me a feeling or a vibe that they were leaving. So, just in case, I ran to my kitchen window to try to get another picture, but there was nothing in the sky. They had already de-materialized.
I thanked the Space beings telepathically and out loud for coming to me as a sign and allowing me to capture an image of them.

Later when I checked the images on the camera, I noticed the last image of the air conditioner did show the UFOs starting to de-materialize. The UFOs looked like blurred orbs or spheres fading from sight!