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Pastel illustration of ETs and Marc inside transparent dome by Marc.


February 22, 1977 ~ Tuesday (continued from previous page)

When I entered the energy dome the wind stopped blowing, the cold air was gone and there was only silence and peace. No night birds were chirping. The Extraterrestrials surrounded me in the field projecting to me a feeling of peace, warmth and love. I stood with my hands outstretched and felt blissfully at peace.
I also noticed the fresh scent of Lilies of the Valley and flower gardens permeating around me in the air. The Extraterrestrials telepathically told me what I was here to do and as they gently touched me I was embraced with euphoric energy and love. When it was time to go, I walked outside of the dome and the cool air and the wind hit my face and blew my hair. My dog happily greeted me and I noticed that All the sounds of nature were back! I heard the wind moving through the trees causing them to brush against each others branches. I telepathically heard them say to me…Go now in peace, we love you. Remember we are always with you.
I replied back to them -Thank you, I love you. Once again I felt within my heart a joyous euphoria and yet a tinge of sadness too, as I watched my friends and the energy dome slowly dematerialize from sight.



Marc Brinkerhoff - Contactee Marc's Actual UFO Photography