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This is a pastel illustration of dome physically manifesting in school field with ETs inside by Marc.


February 22, 1977 Tuesday

I was sky-watching at the school field around
1:00 AM to 3:30AM and walking with my White German Shepherd dog near a back field fence. I intuitively felt the energy change when I stopped to look at the stars. It was now close to 3:00AM. There were patches of snow on the ground and it was a tolerable cold, but not freezing. I sensed something was happening and I stood still watching an area of the field where I had met an Extraterrestrial in the past. I suddenly see Seven tall Extraterrestrial Light Beings manifesting within an energy field. I hear them speak telepathically to me and welcome me. I recognize them as my ‘Space family’. They appeared within a glowing dome in the field that was maybe 75 feet in diameter. I was telepathically asked to come to them. I told my dog to stay and sit outside of the dome and he sat calmy.



Marc Brinkerhoff - Contactee Marc's Actual UFO Photography