Frame from negative - click to view larger. The color of the negative has shifted after over 30 years.


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Partial UFO ('the sliver'), with ionization blur below, and moving off the left side frame of the film.

This image was taken at the Mahopac Middle School field in Mahopac, N.Y. on June 30, 1977.
It was after 12:00AM on a clear night when I aimed my camera at the sky, and got this image of a UFO moving off the side of the film. The orange glow is the energy reaction of the frequency changing as the craft moves from one place to another. Notice the orange colored ionization blur of energy near the bottom of the film. It is caused by a Spaceship hovering in one spot, and as it does the ionization field will build up below the craft. When the UFO quickly moves to another space or location, the ionization field will still be present until it dissipates.
There have been physical sightings by scientists of cone shaped ionization build up left by UFO's that I once read about, and it described the action you see on the film. It appears that the UFO was hovering and then moved upwards and to the left of the frame, causing the blur to appear below the craft. The ionization blur would have appeared above the UFO as a cone shape, if the UFO had moved down from say the top of the film frame and moved quickly to the side.

This UFO was invisible to the eye, but I intuitively felt it was there when I arrived at the field. I was telepathically told when to 'click' the button on the camera to get the photograph.