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High res close-ups.
  Sananda, Ashtar and the ET crew I work with, revealed that energetically embedded in the lightships ionic plasma frequency energy fields are sonic vibratory light codes, intentionally placed in the shapes projected in the light around the ships. They suggested, as we look at and contemplate the shapes and colors, info is sent to our subconscious and body cells for DNA and spiritual body chakra attunements. These energy balances occur on many multidimensional levels. This creates a Radiance Transference of Light to the pituitary and pineal glands, thereby enhancing the Crown chakra to glow and expand towards the 8th to 12th Cosmic planes and also vibrating into the finer higher light dimensions. You can click on the thumbnails to the left to see the enlargements of the morhping lightships.


FRAME 4555

Central Park UFOs ~ April 18, 2015 - Saturday

My wife and I decided to go to Central Park with our good digital camera, a digital point and shoot, and binoculars to enjoy the spectacular Spring weather and do some skywatching for UFOs. This was around 6PM and it was still quite light out. We went to my favorite spot not too far from the West 85th Street and CPW entrance. We sat on some rocks, because all the benches were taken. Phyllis played our favorite devotional praise songs off her cell phone very quietly, which included some uncommon Christmas music. We both scanned the sky for UFOs and in about 10 minutes I heard telepathically, “Look up!” There over the buildings near West 85th St. appeared a shining gold sphere! I checked it for strings anyway, but I knew it was not a balloon. The spaceship flew from the West and was heading East when it dematerialized over us. An hour went by and we decided to go home. So I sent out one last telepathic call to our friends including Yeshua (Sananda), my crew and Ashtar to see if we could see one more UFO or a formation, finishing with, “Be it Thy Will Creator and not ours.”

(Note: To call in benevolent ETs of The Ashtar Command and the Galactic Alliances, we have had good results with the following spiritual music, ‘Pachebel’s Canon’ sung by Katherine Jenkins, ’Agnus Dei’ sung by Amy Grant and music by Steven Halpern. You can find these songs on iTunes)

We gathered up our belongings and started walking down the path home towards the 85th Street entrance. As I was saying to Phyllis, “A few months ago an oval UFO came over when I was walking on the path home and called to me and dematerialized over me. It was large, but I didn’t have a camera with me. Then Phyllis pointed towards CPW & 85th Street high in the sky and said, “You mean like that?” When I walked to where she was standing, there in the sky was a glittering, flashing UFO. I said, “Yes!” and Phyllis gave me the Canon Digital Rebel T2i camera with the 300mm zoom lens and I started shooting while she tried to shoot the flashing UFO with the film setting on the point and shoot Canon G10. After 7 minutes it dematerialized. It had moved to a different part in the sky and l landed up shooting through the tops of some tree branches as it dematerialized.

We rushed home and started downloading the images. What we saw excited us. We had somewhere to go so we couldn’t finish really looking at all of them until later. As Phyllis prepared all the images making close-ups of the UFOs, we realized this was something special. She decided to try to make an animation of them. As we studied all the different configurations we soon realized there were actually symbols in some of them and this was confirmed when we asked about it. You can see an ‘A’ shape in a number of them, A for the Ashtar Command and Asteron Intergalactic Command. There are other symbols as well that I will address at a later date.






YouTube Animation High res close-ups 75 UFOs