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FRAME 4349

This was the second image I captured. The previous page was the first. I walked to Central Park near West 85 Street entrance on Wednesday January 28, 2015 around 1:00PM. I had my binoculars and Canon EOS T2i camera.  I said my usual prayers and words given to me by my space contacts for around 15 minutes.  When I send out prayers telepathically, I will sometimes say them in a whisper too.  I send thoughts of kind, loving energy and say, “We are all one, I send love and blessings to all my brothers and sisters in the Light and love of our Infinite Creator.”  Many times I will ask for a ‘sign’.  Often within 5 to 10 minutes later I may see something.   On January 28th after praying, it was roughly about 5 minutes later when I looked up and saw a few strange glowing objects.  I could see they were nothing like I have seen before.  I looked at them with my binoculars and could see they were oval shaped objects, or just a shining sphere.   They seemed to flash off and disappear within a minute or less.

Soon after I watched the UFOs with my binoculars, I walked around on Summit Hill near West 85th Street and the Central Park West entrance while still sending out energy and feelings of joy, love and peace, along with a lot of telepathy.  After about 10 minutes I felt a telepathic call to, “Turn  around now”, and there in the sky where I had just looked, was a reflecting object.   Some trees from Central Park were blocking the UFO.  I looked at it quickly with my binoculars and could see it was not normal.  It looked like an elongated football shaped object with rounded edges and shining brightly.  It was reflecting silver at first and then bright white light.  The spaceship was not bright enough to hurt my eyes though.  The UFO was high in the sky behind an apartment building on West 83rd Street. (That was the photo of Morphing UFO, Frame 4343 on the previous page.)  
I took one picture when it was behind the trees, but felt that the image was not focused well.  I walked so I was to the left of the trees and due to the spaceship hovering and hardly moving, I was able to capture the picture that appears on the previous page at 1:28 PM.   
What the picture shows is a more solid object in the center, an energy field with a morphing effect, as the UFO seems to be changing shape.  Right after I took the picture…the UFO just flashed off or teleported away to another dimension.

Suddenly, I felt another telepathic call to, “Turn around now.”  As I did I was facing the center of Central Park.  I went to some benches and with my binoculars and I could see a very reflective object that was hovering in the distance towards the East side.  I could see that it was not a helicopter. 
I saw two oval or round shiny objects.  I focused the camera and took a shot.  I took the shot to show the Moon was in the sky as well at 1:33PM.   
(The image on this page is the Platform with Two Lights or Spheres, Frame 4349)

After I took the picture, the UFOs moved a tiny bit to the right and flashed off.  I scanned the sky with my binoculars and found nothing at all.  It was only when I got the camera home that I could really see all of the images.