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Universal ET Master ASTERON, Commander of The Asteron Intergalactic Command, Group Leader of the Alsyglion Group, Commander in the Christ Group and Intergalactic Mission Mystic art of non-physical beings illustrated by
© Marc Brinkerhoff.


Asteron spoke to me while I was driving in my car to encourage me to write down his name and mention it to the UFO group I was going to see.

One week later he interrupted TV broadcast transmissions in Southern England with a message from the Intergalactic Mission on Saturday November 26, 1977.

A very excited friend of mine from the UFO group called me when she found the article in the paper. She declared she would have thougt it was a hoax if I had not alerted the group the week prior.

Below are a couple of clippings from two different newspapers that reported this unusal occurence which has NEVER been successfully explained from a technical standpoint.

I write at length about this in my upcoming book.

This is a graphite illustration Universal Master ET, Asteron, by Marc.


Marc Brinkerhoff - Contactee Marc's Actual UFO Photography